DNC Protest: Month later reflections

The elections are a hectic time in the United States. The media puts an insane amount of focus on who said what, when they said it, how everyone feels about it, etc. It’s true, the public has the right to know if the candidates are corrupt, liars or criminals, but the spotlight turns them into the worst kind of celebrities – ones that affect each of our daily lives. It is time to change this, and I applaud my brave brothers and sisters who protested the Democratic National Convention last month.

The elections are a time to show true activism and to demonstrate publicly what needs to be heard and is often forgotten. The pro-Palestinian protests that took place outside of the DNC showed the politicians, the press and the entire Democratic party that we are NOT to be overlooked and we are NOT to be forgotten. Joining together with the Black Lives Matter movement and other human rights activists, pro-BDS activists emphasized the importance of coming together for a noble cause – and proving TRUE democracy.

The media immediately jumped on the chance to bad-mouth the protestors and show them in a terrible light – despite the freedom of speech and right to protest that Americans are granted by law. This short clip shows what it truly means to take a stance against the mainstream norms and not to succumb to the biased public. Even in this short clip, note how much more emphasis is put on the nomination rather than the courageous efforts of the protestors:

This is OUR time and we cannot let it slip us by. Long live Palestine!



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