How to be an activist: GET INVOLVED!

Social activism in 2016 is an amazing thing. There has been an explosion of resources and materials accessible instantaneously online  – the world at our fingertips. Perhaps in response, people began exploring new ways to truly make a difference in the world. From blogs to tweets to dramatic protests to hunger strikes to political action, people are being heard. That being said, as easy as it sounds, there is extreme value in coming together, working side-by-side, building and strengthening off one another. It’s possible to make a difference alone, but more effective and more meaningful alongside others.

The time to come together is now. We have the tools, we have the knowledge, we have the man power. Grab your pen, your microphone, your voice and intellect and share it with others. We are used to being minorities and ignored – it’s time to push forward. Throughout the year there are a number of amazing conferences hosted by various brilliant and effective organisations around the country. I will speak more about others, but I wanted to promote one that has stuck out to me: the 15th Annual National Conference organised by the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. As we know, this is not an issue that we can stand idly by and hope for a change. We MUST take a stance! This conference, held this year next month October 14-17 in Arlington, VA, is a fantastic opportunity to take your activism to the next level, or to begin getting involved and letting your voice be heard. From workshops to speakers to a day on Capitol Hill – it looks unbelievable! Can’t make it? Donate! It’s the best next step to being involved. I have no direct ties to this organization, but cannot WAIT to learn more, become more active, and learn from the talent and direction of others.

Here is a link to more information, registration and donation:

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 18.50.34

Let’s show the world that we are united against the Israeli occupation, and we are not able to simply sit back and wait!

Have a great Friday and weekend.


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