Say Good-Bye to Regrets; Move Forward

I’ve spoken about being an activist before. The importance of getting our voices out there, getting the message across, telling the world that injustice is not acceptable. In a previous post, I spoke about getting involved. One simple regret from my time in undergrad was not getting involved in the Palestinian cause on campus. I was young, still getting used to the American lifestyle and social scene, and I didn’t want to stand out. It was like high school, but on a grander scheme. American universities have hundreds of groups and organisations constantly looking for new members and it can all feel very overwhelming. Joining a group meant putting myself out there, and I’ll admit it – I never felt ready to do so. My advice? Push past that fear, anxiety, apathy – whatever is holding you back. Get involved, so we don’t share the same regret.

This past week, I took a small step in my activism and made my first donation to the National Students for Justice in Palestine! Though my donation was, admittedly, small, I truly believe that every dollar and cent can and will make a difference. Their upcoming annual conference in November looks unbelievable.



I had some friends in university who were involved with SJP, though I remained sadly distant, and I have always admired the passion and commitment they showed. Of course, at the time SJP wasn’t nearly as organized as they are now – this kind of conference would not have had the pure national support a few years ago. If you are a student on campus, get involved and try and go to this event! If you aren’t or can’t, donate, keep tabs and follow the fantastic work of the organization and national movement.

This conference marks further progression of the pro-Palestinian and BDS movement on campus – work that is of utmost importance in today’s Zionist-dominated world. We need to show our strength, unity, and solidarity.


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