Currently in Northern California? Go to this event!

Though I am stuck on the cold (and getting colder) east coast, those lucky enough on the west coast now have even more reasons to make me envious. Today, actually in just a few hours, an amazing solidarity event is taking place on the University of California at Berkeley campus. For the past two years, activists, students, community members and supporters have joined to stand together and oppose the illegal occupation of Palestine. This year, attendees will be able to hear from Dr. Hatem Bazian, a well-respected and well-known professor at UC-Berkeley, from Cheryl Davila, currently running for Berkeley City Council, and a number of other pro-Palestinian important voices.

This is a clear set call for action! What a wonderful way to spend a Thursday afternoon – surrounded by like-minded activists fighting for the end of oppression and apartheid. I will be following the event on social media, but if you, or people you know, are in the area – this is an event not to miss! Though there are a number of “days of action,” why not start with today?

Here is the FaceBook event for more details, and see the flyer below:





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