Call to Action: #ApartheidRoundTables

This past week, on Wednesday, the BDS Movement helped organize a first Twitterstorm to protest many of the chefs and restaurants participating in the upcoming food festival in Tel Aviv. This festival, set to take place from November 8-26, is yet another Israeli attempt to promote propaganda while masking what is truly happening in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

This Twitterstorm was just a small, yet effective and meaningful, part of the continued protest against the Round Tables event and the hashtag is still being used regularly. Activists from around the world participated in the Twitterstorm, and demonstrated worldwide support for the Palestinian cause and goals. Some of the posts are simple retweets, some are pictures and some are original posts with a fact about Palestine, or a further call to action. It is so incredible to see these posts continue, and though I have yet to see it formally scheduled, I think it’s time for another Twitterstorm! Join me and others to keep up the momentum!

See you on Twitter!


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