NSJP Conference: It’s Here!

Happy Sunday! What a great weekend it has been so far! Following the NSJP Conference has been such fun – so much excitement, passion, energy and learning! I’ve been mostly following on Twitter, so thank you to all who have posted and updated! Truly feels as if I am taking part in some small way. There have been a number of fascinating workshops, including ways to interact and engage with other movements, activism and even a cultural night with tables and well-known poet Remi Kenazi. Though I had heard of Kenazi before, I’ve now spent a ton of time watching his videos and performances on youtube after seeing his posts on Twitter from NSJP. No regrets!

One of his poems that seems particularly relevant is one from about two years ago speaking about divestment and BDS on campus. Not only is the video extremely well done, but he also makes some incredible points about the significance and value of standing for our rights and bringing BDS to campus.

The video, entitled “This Divestment Bill Hurts My Feelings” breaks down the many arguments and excuses made against the BDS movement by pro-Israel activists, the Israeli government, and all those opposing the pro-Palestinian activism. Worth a watch!

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvg4LknKsZ0&t=36s

Kenazi, who tweeted a number of pictures and posts from the conference, also posted about the anti-BDS and pro-Israel groups that protested the event itself. These protests, using posters and shouts to try to diminish the amazing work of the conference workshops, not only demonstrated how ridiculous the racist slurs can be against Palestinians, but also how progressive and mature the NSJP participants were in response. There was no mention of violence in any post, and even though police were present, they didn’t appear to be necessary to resist students or protesters.

Here is one of his posts about the protest:


This conference, with only one day left of workshops, has proven to be inspirational and gives way for hope for the pro-Palestinian movement in the US and for all of Palestine! Thank you, NSJP! Can’t wait to follow today!


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