And the fear continues…

Almost two weeks later, and the country is trying to move forward while still feeling as if we have gone back in time. This past week and weekend, Trump announced further appointments of several cabinet and government positions. To no ones surprise, the majority of Trumps appointees and considerations are white, male, right-wing and loyal to Trump.

Though many of his choices are cause for worry and concern, I wanted to reflect for a moment on his recent announcement of retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn as national security advisor. As a Palestinian, as a Muslim, and simply as a non-white woman living in America, this is terrifying. Flynn has gone on the record saying negative comments about Muslims and Islam as a whole. Most quoted in news articles and clips about him in the past few days is his claim that “fear of Muslims is rational.” How can a man with such clear hatred and Islamophobic intentions be given such power in the American government? It not only validates many of the fears of the Muslim-American community, but also further emphasizes how much work we have to do to educate, unify and act.

This short video from The Washington Post goes into greater detail about who Michael Flynn truly is:

The protests have slowed down, but that doesn’t mean that we should. Write to your representatives, take to the streets, talk with your friends and family – we MUST do something to fight against the hatred that is already spreading throughout the country and work to prevent the incitement that seems inevitable to continue.

This election, and the events of these past two weeks, has displayed such a negative side to the country. It is time we join together for what is right and work together to achieve our goals.

Here is a couple of article discussing the appointments in greater detail:

The Washington Post:



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