Another thought on HP

After I first saw all of the protests and activism taking place this week, I was excited for all of the passion coming out even during the holidays! Then I went and did more research. As I mentioned in the previous post, the HP Boycott is quickly gaining traction and is being pushed using a number of different protest tactics. While doing the initial research on HP itself and scrolling through multiple articles about the boycott and similar actions taking place, I came across this interesting article on Electronic Intifada published last week: Though it focuses more on American and Israeli politics and the topic of anti-Semitism and Zionism, it lays down an interesting argument: “Israel would not be viable without hatred of Jews.” He clarifies by explaining how anti-Semitism has spurred on Zionism by inciting passion and a desire to fight back.

What if targeting HP only makes Israel and the Zionists stronger?

To clarify, I completely support the boycott movement, and all of the efforts to oppose Israeli apartheid. My thought is what if HP isn’t the best option? Could it lead to the Zionists fighting back with even more passion and us having a less effective boycott campaign? Could there be other alternative options that lead to more greater results?


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