What If…

Going on a slight whimsical tangent here. After my last post and all the scrolling through articles, Twitter and Facebook pages, I started to get a bit ahead of myself, but I am definitely trying to work out my own thoughts on the issues, with all the variety of information out there on the internet. The Facebook page for BDS Arabic, though not one that is as beneficial to most of my non-Arab pro-BDS friends, has had some interesting posts lately including ones discussing the HP Boycott itself. On a recent post discussing the Boycott, a picture was uploaded simply stating how HP is the “Technology of Israeli Apartheid” (see below for the picture!) Though the graphics are great and the message effective, what struck me most were a few of the comments on the photo. One commenter in particular was very powerful, saying that he supports the boycott, but at the same time most of the products that they eat and drink come from their connection to the Jews.


This is complicated for me. It brings up questions and a bunch of “What Ifs?” What if this is not powerful enough? What if we need to find new avenues to oppose Israeli Apartheid? What if we need to do more, but differently? I will be thinking about this a lot over the next few days during the boycott, and curious about your opinion as well!



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