So About that Aid

Every year the United States provides millions and billions of dollars in aid to countries around the world. Palestine is no exception. Though not the only country to provide financial support to the Palestinian Authority, the US is seen as perhaps the most influential and significant of the donors. This, in the eyes of many Palestinians, is not the case.

Does this aid ACTUALLY help the Palestinians?

An Al-Jazeera article published last week, written on the topic of US aid to Israel and Palestine, claims that not only does the foreign aid to Israel help maintain the occupation, but aid to the Palestinian Authority does so as well. By allocating much of the aid towards security collaboration with Israel, the money, in fact, ends up supporting Israel and even often going back into the Israeli economy. The author’s main point is not that aid should be cut off from the PA, but rather the allocation of it should be adjusted to better support Palestinians, rather than Israelis. He explains that “money could be spent on infrastructure, education, and social services instead.”

This point, though not often thrown into the spotlight, is significant. While security is obviously important, Palestinians living under oppression and occupation need support in other aspects of their lives, too. We activists need to find specific ways to better help our brothers and sisters in Palestine, and put pressure on the US to do the same.

Here is a link to the Al-Jazeera article:

Here is another relevant article:


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