Entering Darkness – One Ambassador Pick at a Time

As Trump continues to select far right extremist racists to head key cabinet positions, his recent pick for the new ambassador to Israel has raised concern and outrage from many parts of the American community. There have been countless articles explaining how the selection of David Friedman, Trump campaign advisor and lawyer, will not only cause harm to the Palestinian people, but also significantly alter long-standing US policy. One of the main things Friedman has been quoted on is his desire to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem from its current location in Tel Aviv. He also has been published saying that he supports settlement building and other right wing perspectives that contradict US policy, including the support of a two-state solution. 

This is a disaster. In earlier posts I lamented about the true problems that could arise under a Trump administration – and this only further confirms those concerns.

Though there has been a loud outcry from the pro-Palestinian world and from progressive movements in the US, this is yet just another proof of how much worse things will be for the future of Palestine. To make matters worse, according to a Time article published yesterday, Friedman is the perfect selection in the eyes of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The right-wing attitudes around the world are only growing stronger by the day, and this helps top it off. Those of us who are activists must encourage those who are more silent to come out and demonstrate in opposition to the atrocities that are inevitable in the coming months and years for the Palestinians and Palestine. Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem – a city sacred to the Palestinians despite claims declaring the opposite – would cause turmoil in Jerusalem, in Palestine. Palestinians should not and would not sit quietly if the US completely shifted its policy and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, despite many administrations, organizations and many of us in the population exclaiming the opposite. This move would send the message to the world that the US no longer advocates for the two-state solution, or even one that will end well for the Palestinians.

We are entering dark times for my people, for Palestine, for the world.

Here are a couple articles outlining this situation even further:

Time: http://time.com/4605223/donald-trump-israel-david-friedman/

CNN: http://edition.cnn.com/2016/12/15/politics/trump-picks-campaign-adviser-friedman-as-us-ambassador-to-israel/

Electronic Intifada: https://electronicintifada.net/blogs/ali-abunimah/group-headed-trumps-israel-envoy-pick-sued-war-crimes

Al-Jazeera: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/12/palestinians-decry-trump-choice-israel-ambassador-161217050117312.html


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