POSTPONED: UN Resolution Against Settlement Building

Yesterday, Thursday, the UN was supposed to vote on a resolution to help put an end to Israeli settlement building. Leading up to the vote, over the past week or so, there have been a number of interesting articles on the resolution both in favor and against. Today, after the vote was postponed – seemingly indefinitely – the tone of the articles seemed to shift to better explain what happened, some blaming Trump for interfering, some Benjamin Netanyahu, others the Obama administration, and others simply expressing their frustration at the system and lack of action in general. Until today, while following this situation, I agreed with many of the articles that I found supporting the resolution and looking towards it with hope to further oppose the Israeli occupation.

Until today, that is.

When beginning to write this post, I came into it frustrated at the prospect of yet ANOTHER blow to the Palestinian people. Then I came across an article published on the Electronic Intifada about how the resolution could actually be harmful for the Palestinians, the opposite of most opinions. The main argument is simply that most of the language in the resolution is not new and can be found in other resolutions, therefore not generally beneficial. The article continues adding that the resolution takes no action. It “only commits the Security Council to examine practical ways and means to secure the full implementation of its relevant resolutions.” Examination meaning the continued colonization of Palestinian land. So why is the language put forth in these resolutions all about “examining” and not about “doing”?

This ties back to my earlier posts with “What If” questions. What if this resolution, championed as something positive for Palestine and anti-occupation, was, in fact, something detrimental?

Now that it has been postponed, the issue is less pressing, but far from over. The real question is how can we turn this into real actionable plans for a Palestinian state?

Here are some of the articles I found on the topic:

The Electronic Intifada article:




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