What a Year!


As many have noted all across the internet, 2016 has been a year of celebrity deaths, insane politics and general disappointment in the US and worldwide. On the other hand, activism has taken on new forms and people have joined together in solidarity and protest in ways that give cause for hope!

In a number of my previous posts, I have noted some of the wonderful boycotts fighting against Israeli occupation that have been occurring all over the country, and sometimes abroad, in recent months. I’m not the only one! In honor of the new year, Electronic Intifada came out with the “Top 10” boycotts of 2016. Though this list is by no means extensive, it gives a great overview of some of the successes the BDS movement have had this year. What a great way to move into 2017!

The great thing about this list, and article, is that it breaks down the boycotts into categories – truly showing the impact and variety! Boycotts like the HP Boycott and on-campus BDS resolutions, which I have talked about, made the list and it’s clear that so much more has happened as well.

The big question now, however, is how can we activists have even greater effect this coming year? The article focuses on the successes of the BDS campaigns and a way to think positively for this coming year. Which is fantastic. But what about the failures? It goes without saying that there would be, and will be, failures with anything we fight for. But how can we prevent some of the repeated ones? Looking back on our failures, as well as our successes, can help us strengthen as a movement, and lead to even greater victories in the future!

Here’s to fighting the good fight!

Happy New Year everyone!

Top 10 BDS Campaigns article: https://electronicintifada.net/blogs/nora-barrows-friedman/what-were-top-10-bds-victories-2016


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