A little culture, a little positivity #SMBUS

Last week I came across this great little initiative to better display to the world the beauty, and also the neglect, of Palestine. The Social Media Bus has already made a number of tours throughout Palestine – taking bloggers, journalists and photographers to multiple spots that they might not have been to otherwise. Most of the sites visited were in a state of disarray and in desperate need of care. Though there were a number of goals for the trip, one in particular stood out: to publicize and draw attention to the needs of Palestine in a way not done before. Participants of the trip posted pictures on Instagram and social media, produced blogs and wrote short articles using the hashtag #SMBUS to get the word out.

What a great way to not only show off some of the stunning landscape in Palestine, but also to push leaders, fellow citizens and people around the world to step up and help preserve the history and culture of the land! According to the tour guide of the trip, “The youth tours are reviving the Palestinian homeland and presenting it through a different lens using live observations and real contact. This leads to experiences that educate [participants] in terms of geography and history. A cultural youth activity that is unaligned with any political side is using social media to present the Palestinian homeland to the largest audience possible.”

As a blogger, this initiative is so inspiring to see in action. Activities like this need to not only be encouraged throughout Palestine, but promoted both here in the US and worldwide. Keep up the good work and let’s make this even more common in 2017!

To read more, here are two articles:




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