“Bibi, Go Home!”

Yesterday, both in Washington and other major cities across the US, protests against Trump continued. This time, however, the topic was Palestine. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, met with Trump yesterday at the White House and held a joint press conference. Before, during and especially after the meeting, hundreds of people – including Jews and Muslims standing together – marched in the streets with signs and chants. Everything from “Free Palestine” to “Bibi Go Home” to anti-wall and anti-ban slogans were prominently displayed in front of the White House and Trump properties. These are not new ideas, this is not a revolutionary protest. That being said, with all of the media attention on the ongoing protests around the country, it is about time that there is more focus put on Palestinian rights! What makes yesterday’s protests unique – and help further my point about what an incredible time we are living in – is not the impact we may or may not be having on US policy decisions, but rather the impact we are having on one another. This is a time when we not only have the ABILITY to fight for what is important to us, but also the STRENGTH to do so in solidarity with so many others..

The meeting and press conference was heavily covered by the media, while many of the articles discussing the protests focused on the large number of Jews and Jewish groups that were present, and less on the protest themselves. Despite the news, these protests are significant. They finally show that despite the vast spectrum of ideas that can be found in the US, there are so many that unite us as well. These protests specifically addressed many of the policies in Israel/Palestine, opposition to the moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem and the appointment of far-right David Friedman to become US Ambassador to Israel, and simply the visit of Netanyahu in its entirety.

Let’s join together to continue the fight for justice and against the Israeli occupation – in DC, on the streets and even online!

Here are a few articles directly discussing the protests:






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