Israeli Apartheid Week – Worldwide!

Every year, around this time in the early spring, campuses in the US hold an Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW). Though each campus is unique in terms of the actual activities held, generally there is a mock apartheid wall put up covered in facts about Israeli Apartheid and the Israeli Occupation. Many campuses also have multiple events focused on Palestine and student activists table on campus regularly to promote the events and bring awareness to the oppression committed daily against Palestinians.

This week, there has been a lot of media coverage surrounding IAW in the UK. Despite pressure and attempts to cancel events all across the country, pro-Palestinian activists managed to still successfully organize and hold many activities at 30 UK universities! What a job well done. This is what perseverance and activism truly looks like and should be used as an example across the US, as well.

Additionally, this article caught my eye immediately when looking for more coverage of IAW and I had to hold back tears: This ending is something that should be blasted around the world: “Go further to make this year’s Israeli Apartheid Week as strong and well attended as you possibly can, and use it as a platform for building the BDS movement. No matter what you face, take courage from us and we will take hope from you.”

To the students on American campuses: Now is your time! I believe in you and support you.

Feel free to check out some of the articles I read:


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