ATTENTION: UN Report Calls Israel An Apartheid State

Finally! This past week the UN published a report declaring to the world what Israel actually is: an Apartheid State. Though this report is long overdue, it comes at a time when support for Palestinian rights is growing and people are starting to internalize the facts that many of us activists have been saying for years. The report goes into detail about the oppression of Palestinians and years of Occupation, giving clear justification for the BDS movement and activities. As expected, the publishing of the report was met with significant backlash from the pro-Israel community. Everyone from the Israeli UN Envoy to US Israel Lobbies to the US Ambassador to the UN immediately condemned the well-researched and detailed report claiming falsehoods and demanding the report to be withdrawn.


It is ridiculous that senior officials in the UN would not only allow outside groups to influence UN decisions while at the same time apply pressure themselves on their fellow colleagues. Additionally, the head of Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), Rima Khalaf, resigned from the UN after she was pushed to withdraw the report. While I applaud Khalaf’s strength to make such a statement against the undue pressure she received, I think it is such a tragedy that she would even have to take this kind of action. We should all look to her as an example – we must NOT break in the face of lies and adversaries; rather we must make the right choices for ourselves, for our people and for the world at large.

Thank you, Rima Khalaf, for showing the world the true face of Israel and for ensuring that this report receives the proper place in the UN and the recognition it deserves.

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