While more and more people are waking up to the brutal reality of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine, we must continue to galvanize a new wave of support across the United States, and plan for new and effective campaigns, calling for NO American support for Israel and the occupation. Alliances between various minority groups are all the more important these days under the Trump administration. As young Palestinian Americans, it is our duty to stand up and fight because no one is going to fight OUR fight if we aren’t on the front lines beside them.

The US Campaign for Palestinian Rights will host a week of action from June 5-10. You can check out the Facebook event here:

There will be 50 actions nationwide during this week, to demand an end to Israel’s brutal military occupation, as part of our commitment to justice for all Palestinians, in exile and in our homeland.

Check out this link for action ideas and to sign up so USCPR can support your action and promote it:

Amazing events like this give me hope, and now could not be a better time for such action, as Israel continues to be supported by Americans and politicians who are not being held accountable. We need to figure out how to hold these politicians responsible for their continuation of the Israeli occupation. It is up to us, young Palestinian Americans, who are willing to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Palestinians deserve freedom and justice and we will prevail.

Share this post with your friends, tell them about this event and support this righteous cause!


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